Sophomore Saturday: Zannah Baker

Manit Patel, Staff Writer

Q: What is one of your goals for the end of the school year? 

A: Most of my goals have been postponed due to school closure but I think my biggest goal at the moment is just to stay motivated and keep up with schoolwork. “


Courtesy of Zannah Baker
Sophomore Zannah Baker (right) with sophomores Lydia Hargett and Emma Kaipainen from Huron’s swim and dive team.

Q: Are you participating in any clubs/sports/activities?

A: I was on the swim and water polo teams both this year and last year. I have met a lot of amazing people on both. I was elected to be a captain for water polo this year, so I was pretty disappointed with its cancellation.”


Q: How has your experience changed from freshman to sophomore year?

A: “Not much has changed for me from freshman to sophomore year except that I realized this year how important the rest of high school in deciding the rest of my life. It was definitely a much greater workload this year.”


Q: Do you have any ideas about what you are interested in for after high school?

A: I have zero idea of what I want to do after high school. Recently, I have been more interested in pre-med but this could change.”


Q: Are you interested in the DP/CP Program? Why/why not?

A: I am not extremely interested in the DP/CP program just because I want to take the standard AP classes in the next few years. I have heard good things about the program, I just don’t think it would be the best option for me.”


Q: How has COVID-19 affected you?

A:Obviously the coronavirus has affected everyone in all aspects of life, but I think the two biggest things for me were the loss of face to face interactions with people outside of my family and also sports being canceled. There were a few tournaments I was really looking forward to and currently, they are postponed, but it’s unclear if they will happen at all.”