The Emery

Emery In-print

What is it?

The Emery In-print is a physically printed edition of the content that the staff of the Huron Emery produce in addition to our online content once every 5 weeks. This is then distributed to students throughout the school for free, in addition to home delivery of individuals who have paid an annual fee for same day, front door delivery. Although produced by the same staff the content of the Emery In-print is completely separate from the content the Emery releases online, with only minimal amounts of overlap.

Where can I find the In-print issues?

You can follow the link under the drop-down menu above titled In-print, and go to the year you are interested in, or you can go to this link at, which is the host of all of our digital copies of our paper. In addition, if you are interested in subscribing to home delivery you can inquire with the staff through the paper’s email, [email protected], or through speaking directly to a specific staff member on the contact page.

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Emery In-print