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Mission Statement

The Huron Emery is a platform dedicated to history-making at Huron High School. We collaborate and rely on self-discipline to make the school closer and more informed and entertained. We aim to improve ourselves as writers, thinkers and communicators serving communities to which we belong, and we strive to maintain the highest degree of journalistic integrity.

Contact Information
Location: 2727 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, room 4203
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @thehuronemery
Instagram: @thehuronemery
Facebook: @theemerynews

*Note: we do not provide the individual contacts of our staff, please contact our publication’s email for any inquiries

Memberships and Awards

SNO Distinguished Site: 2024

The Emery is a member of:

The Michigan Interscholastic Press Association

Gold Ranking: Website 2023

Gold Ranking: Website 2022

The Journalism Education Association

The National Scholastic Press Association

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Silver Crown Hybrid 2024

Silver Crown Hybrid 2023

Gold Crown Hybrid 2021


2023-24 Leadership

Adviser: Sara-Beth Badalamente, CJE

Website Editors-in-chief: Maya Fu: [email protected], Melinda Mei: [email protected]

Print Editors-in-chief: Anna Esper: [email protected] , Anjali Nadarajah: [email protected], Satvika Ramanathan: [email protected]

Social Media Editors-in-chief: Emily Hu: [email protected] , Julya Mae Jones: [email protected]

Managing Editor: Jamie Tang: [email protected]

Design editors: Anna Lee: [email protected] , Jules Heskia: [email protected]

Copy editor: Fayeza Muizz Paniorotan: [email protected]

News editor: Ashley Kim: [email protected]

Sports editors: Rowan Grenier: [email protected]

Coverage editor: Anita Gaenko: [email protected]


Content Policy

News: The News section contains all pieces regarding school, local, state, national and international news. Pieces in the news section should be factual, objective, and formal in tone.

Opinion: The Opinion section contains all opinion-based pieces regarding topics other than entertainment. Pieces in the opinion section should be well-researched and include logical arguments. They may vary in formality, but a formal tone is preferred, and should avoid petulance. The staff editorial and any recurring columns, excluding sports columns, will be included in the opinion section.

Arts + Entertainment: The Arts + Entertainment section contains all pieces regarding music, literature, radio, film, television, video games and other entertainment media. Reviews are included in this section. Pieces in the entertainment section can be factual or opinion-based. Pieces in this section may vary in tone.

Sports: The Sports section contains all pieces regarding school, local, state, national and international sports. This includes new coverage, sports opinion and sports-related feature pieces. Pieces in this section may vary in tone.


Opinion/Editorial Policy

All opinion pieces published by The Huron Emery reflect only the views of their authors, not those of the adviser, editor-in-chief, editorial board or other staff members. While opinions will not be censored, published work will be edited and fact-checked to the best of the staff’s ability. One staff editorial is published per issue, usually pertaining to an event or theme covered in that issue. It is published without a byline.


Death Policy

In the unfortunate event of a student death, obituaries or any related coverage is at the discretion of the staff and adviser. If the story is determined to be newsworthy, The Huron Emery will obtain factual information surrounding accidental deaths as appropriate. If the cause of death is suicide, specific details will not be mentioned. Any coverage will avoid romanticism or embellishment.


Guest Writing Policy

The Huron Emery welcomes student input from the entire school and seeks to highlight student expression. Thus, we publish works regardless of whether a student is formally in the “Writing for Publications, Newspaper” class. Any pieces written by students in “Journalism,” “Advanced Journalism” or “Writing for Publications, Yearbook” will be printed with the student’s name and “Guest Writer” in the byline. Any Huron High School student may submit work for publication, conditional on newsworthiness and standards the staff’s own content is held to. Guest submissions will follow this procedure:

  • The staff becomes aware of a piece or potential piece by a guest writer.
  • An editor will sit down with the guest writer. They will be the primary editor for this piece (assigned to the case, if you will). This editor will discuss the story’s medium (multimedia online, in print), angles, perspectives, intent and goals with the guest writer, noting journalistic standards and styles.
  • The piece will be read by a section editor, Editor-in-Chief, adviser and copy editor like any other piece in the publication cycle.
  • The piece may be slated for publication.



While The Huron Emery strives to uphold freedom of speech, we adhere to a strict ethical policy. Material that is libelous, not fact-checked or not presented factually is not protected expression and will not be tolerated. Such material is subject, at any time, to removal from publication by the editors or adviser. All staff members of The Huron Emery shall pledge to neither do nor appear to do the following:

  • commit plagiarism in any way
  • include fabricated information in any piece
  • include subjective content in any non-opinion piece
  • cover a topic with which they are personally involved for a non-opinion piece, creating a conflict of interest
  • cheat in any way on any category of newspaper assignment

If any content misprints are noted, please inform a staff member straightaway. The staff will decide, based on the context surrounding the misprint and egregiousness of the error, whether to print a correction in the following issue, write a formal signed apology or otherwise.


Anonymity Policy

As a rule of thumb, anonymously bylined pieces will not be published, and quotes by anonymous sources will not be included. Anonymous sources will be considered if the source’s livelihood is potentially endangered by printing their name. Any content attributed to an anonymous source must be fact-checked. Once printed, The Huron Emery will stand by keeping such sources anonymous and protecting their identities as necessary.



Currently, The Huron Emery is prior reviewed by Ché Carter, principal of Huron High School. This means that the content of each issue is sent for administrative approval before it is sent to press. One student staff member will send the issue in for approval at least 24 hours before intended publication. Any objections will be addressed before the paper is published. A lack of objection will also be treated as unspoken approval. The online Huron Emery isn’t prior reviewed.


Retroactive Takedown Policy

In the event that a story’s removal is requested, context will be considered first and foremost. If a factual error has been printed, necessary corrections or changes will be made. Stories (whether print PDFs or online stories) will only be taken down as a last resort.


Comments Policy

Comments on the Huron Emery website and social medias will not be censored unless spreading libel or trolling. If you have any questions on why a comment was censored please contact our publication or the Online Editor-in-chief Maya Fu at [email protected]


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