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Poster for Madeleines upcoming performance at the North Star Lounge. Photo courtesy of Madeleine.
Huron sophomore Bekka Madeleine pursues her love for music
Isha Savi, Staff Writer • March 9, 2024

With her soulful melodies and heart-wrenching lyrics, Bekka Madeleine is a force to be reckoned with.  “Music itself is something I’ve...

Photo Credit: Album Cover The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess
The princess of gay pop: Chappell Roan
Isha Savi, Staff Writer • April 27, 2024

“I said I wanted to start a new genre of music," Jojo Siwa told Billboard News. "It's called 'gay pop'".   Someone please tell Jojo...

Graphic by Isha Savi
The rise in old music
Isha Savi, Staff Writer • May 17, 2024

I know from personal experience that the last few years have been all about change. Whether it be COVID or maturing out of childhood, nothing...

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