AAPS clears start of winter sports

Clara Bowman, Editor-in-chief

Huron winter sports were given clearance to begin on Jan. 19. This comes after the Michigan High School Athletic Association resumed activities and state executive orders were lifted to allow contact sports. Official tryouts and practices for most winter sports begin tomorrow, Jan. 20.

“There’s a lot of stress; it’s a rush to get everything picked up, you know tryouts are gonna be fast,” Huron Athletic Director Tony Whiren said. 

AAPS is taking additional precautions to what MHSAA prescribes. This includes pre screening protocol and planning routes to avoid congestion. Competition may begin Feb. 1, just under two weeks away, but competitions for Huron teams may begin a few days later. 

“Competition is gonna be here and we got finals coming up,” Whiren said. Our students are stressing during finals and this doesn’t help that there’s a rush to go into the season either. That doesn’t help with the mental health of anything either, so mental health is always a concern.” 

In addition, athletes will also have to manage the additional challenge of having their season delayed by about two months. 

“Everyone is excited to play,” Whiren said. “Teams that are out of shape, or not where they should be at this point, so you’re not gonna see peak performances for a while. You’re not gonna see anyone’s peak performances from any sport for a while.”