Huron PTSO kicks off “celebrate a senior” program


Even though traditional senior activities might not happen this year, seniors will receive anonymous gifts if they choose to participate.

Kaitlyn Sabb, Feature Editor

Without knowing if traditional senior activities will run, the PTSO has come up with a new, voluntary program called, “celebrate a senior.” The goal is to spread joy to the class of 2021. Seniors will be asked if they want to participate.
“We are now working on getting a Google form out where you can all fill out your favorite things and will match you up with an anonymous sponsor,” parent committee member Molly Hester said.
After this questionnaire is filled out, parents or other sponsors will demonstrate interest in sponsoring one or more seniors. These sponsors will provide the funding for small surprises that will be mailed to or dropped off to their senior’s house.
“The deadline for both students and parents to opt in will be set for a TBD date in November, with the goal being to deliver the first gifts prior to the Thanksgiving holiday,” Hester said. “The suggested gift price would be from $10 – 20 a month.”
Students who are interested in the “surprise” will be provided with a sponsor who was matched with them and given their list of favorite colors, candies, fast food, drink, sports team, college and more. Additionally, there will be precautionary measures taken in order to stay socially distanced and responsible when dropping off the presents.
“Gifts will be dropped off in a no contact manner – on the porch, in the mailbox, or on the doorknob, after a quick knock or ring of the doorbell,” Hester said. “ The idea is for this to be completely anonymous and just a happy surprise.”