Huron librarian Jennifer Colby wins library director of the year


Colby is still working in the library even though students aren’t at school.

Lydia Hargett, News Editor

Huron librarian Jennifer Colby was named the Michigan Association for Media in Education’s District Library Director of the year.
“I was very surprised when I heard that I had won this award because I had not been trying to win it,” Colby said. “It made me feel very happy because my department had nominated me because they thought I deserved it, it was very humbling.”
At first, Colby was unsure about what the award was, but after doing some research she learned that this was an amazing award to win.
“I have always enjoyed her willingness to teach students, and she always made me feel welcome in the library,” senior Ella Szmansky said.
Colby is continuing to work in the Huron library this school year even though students are not in school.
“Our duties have changed a lot since we have no physical interaction with the students,” Colby said. “The biggest change for me is not being able to talk to new students everyday, and this is what I miss about school the most.” All teachers and students are experiencing new challenges with virtual school, communication often being a hard thing to work out between everyone.
“I am in more meetings now than ever before because I communicate with lots of other departments across the school district,” Colby said. “The last couple of weeks I have been mainly focused on Huron, and I hope that eventually we can get books out to our students.”