AAPS advisory changes


Kaitlyn Sabb

In effort to reduce screen time and because of feedback, there are advisory changes that will go into effect this week.

Kaitlyn Sabb, Feature Editor

Due to overwhelming amounts of feedback from students, teachers, parents and other staff, on Oct. 25, Ann Arbor Public Schools decided to decrease the amount of time students spend on their computer screen by cutting back on synchronous advisory.
All freshmen along with juniors and seniors not participating in the IB Diploma or IB Career-Related Diploma program will only meet on Mondays and Fridays where they will continue enrichment activities with their core advisory. However, for all sophomores and seniors involved in the programs mentioned previously, synchronous advisory will remain every day, excluding Wednesday.
This new schedule will allow students time to connect with teachers in order to receive extra help or guidance in any course during their Tuesday and Thursday office hours. Keep in mind that synchronous advisory may still be scheduled, so students are encouraged to make sure to keep updated through their email.