The battle between the black and white: Introducing the Huron Chess Club


Daniel Lee, News Editor

The Huron Chess Club meets every day in room 6206 during late lunch.

Daniel Lee, News Editor

There are far more numbers of distinct 40-move games in chess than the number of electrons in the observable universe. To discover this wide variability within a single set of games, Huron Chess Club meets every school day in room 6206 during late lunch and in the social studies department office during early lunch. 


The Huron Chess Club had their first meeting of the year on the first day of school.


“Our club provides a great place to hang out and socialize; many of our members come to socialize and relax away from the cafeteria,” senior and club president Jaegun Song said. “We’re also very inclusive; you don’t even need to know how to play to join.” 


The club has a long history at Huron and numbers of outstanding accomplishments throughout the years. The chess club precedes teacher Ken Long, advisor of the chess club, who has been at Huron since 1991. 


“Even though we do not know the exact year the club was founded, we assume that it is one the oldest clubs at Huron still active to this day,” Song said. 


The Chess Club is planning to attend this year’s state championship which will be held on Nov. 5 in Lansing. In fact, the club has won a total of 11 state championships so far. 


We had quite the performance last year, with Ethan Lyu taking home the title of scholastic State Champion,” Song said. “We have an even stronger lineup this year.”