Amelia Wu outfit breakdown

Verena Wu, Staff Writer

Freshman Amelia Wu describes the fashion points of her outfit:

Hair- “It’s sort of half up half down except I braided the two sections of hair on the top of my head and then tied them to rubber bands. It’s a pretty casual hairstyle and kind of playful. It reminds me of pigtails. I got the idea for my hair from TikTok.”

Shirt- “I stole the shirt from my sister and I think that she got it while thrifting. I really like the color red which is a pop of color in an otherwise bland color scheme and I like how it has a little bit of white on it to match with the skirt and collar. I tried to find a small color scheme instead of a lot of colors. It’s also warm and comfortable.”

Collar- “I liked how it added a bit of lightness and it matched the skirt. I got the shirt thrifting. I tend to go thrifting for the low prices and the variety of clothing. I can be really creative with my outfits with pieces I find thrifting because they are really unique. Although, since winter is already on us, I have not been thrifting for a long time because I think that a lot of people who actually need winter clothes at low prices should get to pick them out before me.” 

Skirt- “I got it from Princess Polly and I like how it matched the collar and little insignia on the skirt. I like the skirt in general and I got the idea to buy it from TikTok. It makes it a little more dressy so I could wear this outfit to school, but since I am also wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sneakers, it’s a little more casual and I could wear it out with friends.” 

Shoes- “The shoes are white so they match everything else. I got them from my sister.”