Huron’s Health Occupations Students of America Off to a Healthy Start


Allison Mi

Caption: Huron’s enthusiastic HOSA team listening and engaging in the board’s introduction about HOSA’s significance.

Anjali Nadarajah, Staff Writer

Huron’s Health Occupations Students of America had their first club meeting on Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. The room was full with nearly 100 students, ranging from eager freshmen, confident seniors and one excited teacher, Mary Bousquette-Trotter.

 Bousquette- Trotter, a nurse and high school teacher originally from Livonia, Michigan, was overjoyed with the first meeting’s turnout.

“It was overwhelmingly wonderful,” she said. “Everybody came in and it was really loud. Tons of kids in the room. And the minute that the board wanted their attention, the room got silent. The students were so focused, and really cared about what was being said.”


While teaching healthcare related subjects to highschoolers, Bousquette-Trotter, balances the stressful life of being a nurse practitioner at the same time. 


“It’s nice because I get to bring the stories back to the students. I integrate what I’m doing in real life, with what students are learning and want to do. I have taught high school for over 20 years and am certified as a high school teacher as well.” 


Connecting with others, showcasing skills, and learning about health care careers only scratches the surface of what HOSA is about.


“HOSA gives students the opportunity to network with students who, like them, want to have careers in healthcare,” Bosquette-Trotter said. “It’s a good resume builder as well. When they want to get a job, or get into a program like PA school or medical school, that extra opportunity that they’ve taken is going to put them ahead of the next applicant. Those opportunities really can set you up to win as you’re moving forward in your career.”


Crystal Wu, HOSA’s Secretary, has benefited from the notable club in a variety of ways. 

“I’ve gained more knowledge about medical terminology and pathophysiology, and I’ve been given the opportunity to make new friends,” Wu said. “I joined HOSA because I have always been interested in health sciences and finding people with the same interests as me. HOSA gave me the opportunity to pursue both.”


Of course, if being a future doctor or nurse doesn’t spark your interest, don’t give up on HOSA just yet. 


“There’s still something for you in HOSA,” Bousquette-Trotter said. “When people think of medicine, they think of doctors, nurses, PAs (physician assistants) and pharmacists. But there’s medical illustration. There’s biomedical engineers. There are so many things that you can do in healthcare that don’t involve touching a patient. You could be in the laboratory, you could be a scientist that’s discovering the cure for cancer. You know, you could be making artificial limbs or other parts for people who need replacements. There’s so many things to do. So don’t count out healthcare because healthcare is huge.”


Those interested in the club can contact [email protected] for more details.