Junior Jumpstart Monday: Aleesha Nordin


Courtesy of Nordin

Junior Aleesha Nordin during lunchtime at Huron High School

Daniel Lee, Staff Writer

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: “Hi, my name is Aleesha Nordin. Few things that I like to do are, play the piano, and I like to play volleyball, though I’m not good at either of those. I like to draw, I’m okay at that. And I like hanging out with my friends.”


Q: What is one class/club you would recommend to underclassmen? Why?

A: “I’m in the art club, kind of, so I would recommend our club and if you’re into Kpop, I mean, APEX is pretty cool. And they do like glow sticks, it’s kind of fun. And one class I would recommend would be African American history, it’s really, really interesting and it sees it from a different perspective.”


Q: What’s an interesting/unique fact about yourself?

A: “Wow, there’s really nothing I can think of. Probably that I’ve got no idea what I want to do with my life yet. What college or anything.”


Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A: “I’ll be 26 by then, I hope I’m married,  I want to be married and I want to have kids, maybe not in 10 years but I do want to be married. I’ll be done with college living my life you know, probably broke. I’m just being honest.”


Q: Describe your high school experience in three words.

A:” Oh my goodness, I would say “was not expected” COVID pandemic. It was good though, but it was not expected.”


Q: Who is your idol and why?

A: “Wow, I do not have an idol. Yeah, let’s say Ava Chinnukroh, my friend’s an idol. I love her to death. She’s a fashion icon, she’s nice, and she’s good at math. Her handwriting looks like a font, it’s actually ridiculous.”


Q: What is one lesson high school has taught you?

A: “Life isn’t about me, the world doesn’t revolve around me, there’s other people with other problems, and they’re just as important as you, and you’re not the main character here, everybody is.”