A multi-culti mainstay: Huron APEX returns in person


Courtesy of Ren Rydberg

Huron APEX had outdoor meetings over the summer and is now resuming activities in school.

Gina Ko, Staff Writer

Returning from the virtual club meetings that continued for the entire 2020-2021 school year, Asian Pacific Educational Exchange (APEX) is now starting in-person meetings in the Meyers Auditorium, every Friday.

Cultural manager and hip hop leader Sarah Kim reveals her excitement of being able to see people, as well as what it means to APEX to have in-person meetings this year. 

“Since our club is based on performance and working together, I think it is really important for us to meet in person to practice and actually work together,” Kim said. “It is much easier to do that in person.”

In addition to providing opportunities for experiencing Asian cultures, APEX allows people to learn various activities such as yoyo, glow sticks and dancing.

“Joining the APEX is a great way to start learning something and perform, which is even better, I guess,” Kim said. 

No auditions or previous requirements to start these activities. Learning new activities, practicing with people, and performing on the stage gives members precious memories.

“Sometimes we audition for specific groups like hip hop, but other than that, everyone can join without any auditioning,” Kim Said. “APEX is a really open club.”

Looking for their biggest event—a Multi-cultural show in December—APEX is always welcoming new people who want to experience Asian cultures. Hoping to have a successful year, Kim ends the interview with messages for incoming club members.

“Our club is an enjoyable club where everyone can have fun and we provide lots of fun activities,” Kim said. “It is a really great way to meet new people and work with others.”