Student research on diseases: Meet Huron GIDAS


GIDAS is a nationwide group of clubs, and one of their chapters is at Huron.

Jaden Boster, Staff Writer

The Huron GIDAS club discusses genes, how they are expressed and how they affect diseases. This club is affiliated with miRcore, a similar organization at University of Michigan.
Meetings are on Mondays from 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. every other week, focusing on researching and understanding genes. They also have a disease of focus every year, with the current one being COVID-19. Club members learn how to write abstracts, basically research papers, on the disease of focus. Throughout the year the club works towards participating in larger events such as contests and conferences.
“Every year, Huron GIDAS goes to a Genes and Health Contest thrown by miRcore and we compete for fun prizes, like food and money,” senior club president Niharica Suri Khan said. “Other GIDAS clubs also join, as well as miRcore members, and we all come together, learn about genetics and have fun.”
The club holds positions for officers, fundraising members and researching members. If interested in learning more about this club, advisor Martha Hale can provide contact information or visit