Sophomore Saturday: Mia Dubin


Mishal Charania, Online Editor-in-chief

Q: What have you been doing during quarantine? 

A: “Over quarantine besides schoolwork I have been working out, trying to stay in shape for soccer, and learning how to skateboard.”

Q:  Where do you see yourself at the end of senior year? 

A: “At the end of senior year I see myself looking at colleges or going to a college where I will be playing soccer.”


Q: Is there anything you miss about school? 

A: “The one main thing I miss about school is seeing my friends.”


Q: Do you have any ideas about what you’re interested in after high school? 

A: “After high school I don’t really know what I want to do at the moment. One option was for me to take a gap year. If I did a gap year I would do a program or something educational wise.”


Q: How has your experience changed from freshman to sophomore year?

A: “I feel like there’s less stress in general, I have the school system down; and I feel like I have more responsibility and the freshman look up to me.”