Social media is the best recruiting tool for high school prospects


Jackson Pollard

High school athletes have found that social media can be a useful tool for getting exposure to coaches and organizations at the next level

Jackson Pollard, Social Media Editor

Social media runs the world, including sports at every level. You want to see highlights of the NBA game you missed? Social media. A league-bound college football player just scored 6 touchdowns in a game? Social media. A local high schooler just committed to a college to run track? They have a custom graphic made for the occasion along with a hype video for the big moment.

With local digital content creators like TwoDigital giving amatueur athletes an even bigger social platform than they can build for themselves, social media makes it easier for all athletes to get attention all over the country and even the world.

This understanding of the impact a social platform can have for athletes along with their love for the sport drives these creators to do what they do. “What I strive to do is put more eyes on the kids and on how they’re doing on the field or on the court, or whatever sport they’re doing.” said Caleb Hogans of TwoDigital. 

A lot of content creators who focus on sports are former high school athletes themselves who happen to understand the importance of social media recently. “I graduated high school around 2013. So I was around when social media started booming. it wasn’t as important back then, as far as getting pictures and posts. Now there’s the need for it and I think that’s the reason why it’s so important.” said Hogans.

You can’t underestimate the influence of social media. The only way you can’t understand is if you foolishly ignore it. High School athletes on the social come-up like Jared McCain are among the most popular in the culture and for good reason. Get on the wave before it washes away, because the rise is going up fast and the opportunities are going even faster.