How Huron’s HAT club is working to spread awareness about human trafficking


Eva Erhardt

The 2022 members of HAT huddle together during their most recent meeting on Feb 14, 2022. “Our club focuses on awareness and fundraising which is essential for combating human trafficking,” Eva Erhardt, HAT president, said.

Maya Fu, Copy Editor

Every year, about 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked, just because of the hidden nature of the crime. And that estimated number is only growing larger and larger. Huron’s Huron Against Trafficking (HAT) club is determined to do something about it. 

“Our mission is to educate our peers, spread awareness in our community and raise money for organizations supporting survivors,” club president Eva Erhardt said. “Our club focuses on awareness and fundraising which is essential for combating human trafficking.” 

Erhardt started HAT her sophomore year, and began the long process of organizing her club from the ground up. 

“I decided to start the club because human trafficking is a very important issue that I don’t feel is talked about enough in school and in communities,” Erhardt said. “Human trafficking is a huge violation of human rights, a worldwide problem and something that affects so many people.” 

Human traffickers often target people with psychological or emotional vulnerabilities, or are in other negative situations that makes them more susceptible to manipulation, such as false promises, violence or romantic relationships. 

“We’re hoping to bring more awareness and fundraising events this year!”Erhardt said. “Everyone should keep their eye out to get involved.”

If you want to be a part of the mission for change, join the HAT club in room 6156 on Mondays.