Writing letters and folding origami: How Huron’s Key Club is working to serve its community


Samantha Goldstein

Huron’s Key Club returns in person with activities such as writing appreciation letters to teachers and folding origami for children’s hospitals.

Daniel Lee, Staff Writer

The Huron key club is a branch of Kiwanis international, a non profit organization for community service, at Huron High School. The Huron key club is dedicated to serving the community through informing volunteering opportunities to students.  


The club had their first meeting on Sept. 9 and they planned to have their meetings every other Thursday after school in room 5206. 


Board members include the president Sasha Lee, vice president Amanda Xu, secretary Sofiia Shapovaolova, and treasurer Eilene Koo. 


During the meeting, board members deliver volunteering opportunities mostly in coming weekends through presentations and sign-ups. Members also provide in-class volunteering opportunities like writing appreciation letters to teachers and folding origami that are sent to the children’s hospital. 


Key club also gives out volunteer hours for students participating in certain activities inside and outside of school. The volunteering hours from the Huron Key club is credited to the National Honors Society as well. 


“I am very happy that the club is back in-person and can’t wait to meet new people through community services,” said Sasha Lee, the president of the Huron key club.