Inspiring the future of STEM: Meet Huron WISE

Annabelle Ye, Staff Writer

Following their first meeting on Sept. 27, the members of the Women in Science and Engineering club (WISE) are planning on a year of STEM related activities and events, as well as a few guest speakers. 

“This year will be different than last year with more opportunities to volunteer and learn hands on,” Meera Ramaswami, the club’s president, said, “I hope to be able to make this year fun and interactive and make sure WISE can continue to thrive as a club in the future.”

The club is targeted towards women who are interested in the science and engineering field, but is open to everyone. Currently, the club meetings are held every second and fourth Monday of the month through Zoom, but there are hopes to hold in-person meetings later in the year. 

Ramaswami hopes to inspire more people to go into STEM and meet like-minded people through the WISE club. 

“Women only make up around 30 percent of STEM workers,” Ramaswami said, “so it’s very important that we encourage women to explore STEM careers to diversify the future workforce and incorporate new perspectives into a historically male-dominated workforce.”