Student council organizes $1,656 in school fundraiser

Kantaro Inoki, Staff Writer

Every year, the Huron student council, under advisor Jeff DeMoss, hosts various unique events and activities in order to meet the needs of Huron students and people all around the world. 

One of their major events this year is the Funky Socks Sales event. This event’s main goal was to raise money by having people buy socks with very unique designs, and use that money as donation for people in need of money. 

This year, the money raised from this event was donated to children in need of money to go to school.

“Our Funky Sock Sales raised $1,656 to fully fund the school expenses this year for five year old Jamilah Kibuuka in Kampala, Uganda and almost half the money needed for another student,” DeMoss said. 

The student council is now moving on to host its next event to provide winter goods to people in the Ann Arbor community.

“We also have 138 pairs of warm winter socks that we are going to donate first here at Huron for students in need and then to the Washtenaw County Shelter Association,” Demoss said.