Health science at home

Maya Kogulan, Editor-in-chief

During a global health crisis, Huron’s health science students don’t have to open a textbook to learn about medicine. They, along with the rest of the world, are living a real time lesson about public health from our homes.
Typically, Health Science is a very hands on class. So, with school beginning virtually, Ms. Boland, Huron’s Health Science Teacher, had to make some significant changes.
“We have purchased an educational software package called “Visible Body” and all the students will load the visual anatomy and physiology lessons on their laptops, as well as a mobile app they can use on their phones,” Boland said. “It has moveable anatomy of every body system, with accompanying disorders/diseases/key terms/worksheets/review sessions etc. It will help replace the actual displays and models we have in the classroom.”
Boland hopes, if we return to school, that the Health Science students can begin a larger education initiative around COVID-19.
“We were prepared to begin a school-wide COVID-19 educational effort just before they sent us home last March,” Boland said. “We would love to help educate the students at Huron if we are given the chance when we return. In past years we have given public service announcements (during daily announcements) about flu vaccinations, heart health, asthma and allergies as well as our annual anti smoking and vaping campaigns.”
Like most, Boland’s unsure about what the rest of the year will look like. Typically, health science students perform clinical rotations second semester. With new restrictions on hospitals due to COVID-19, that might not happen.
“Our hope and plan is to continue to set up our clinical rotations, beginning in February, Boland said “ It is still too early to reach out to our hospital mentors, since their priority is to handle the crisis and all the changes that have dictated.”
Even with all these changes, Boland is optimistic for the year ahead.
“I am always excited to meet and get to know all my new students, even if it is just virtually to begin,” Boland said. “We have so many wonderful lessons and interactive modules, I think both the students and myself will enjoy learning as we go along.”