Top five destinations for Tom Brady


Jim Davis/Boston Globe

🐐 Tom Brady jogs onto the field at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. The Patriots lost to the Titans 20-13 on Wild Card Weekend

Manit Patel, Staff Writer

For the first time in his career, the legendary Tom Brady is going to be a free agent, and the rumors are heating up more and more that he may not remain with the team he’s played his entire career with. While there are few teams with an obvious need for a quarterback, many teams would gladly accept Brady’s services. These are the top five best fits for Brady.


5) Indianapolis Colts

While the Colts had decent quarterback play with former Patriot Jacoby Brisset throughout the season, they were missing their star wideout T.Y. Hilton at times throughout the season. The Colts have one main thing that they could provide Brady that the Patriots cannot — a productive tight end. Brady has heavily relied on tight ends as he has aged, and the lack of a true tight end was very evident throughout the season due to the retirement of Rob Gronkowski. Jack Doyle or Eric Ebron would provide as sufficient weapons in the tight end game for Brady. While Ebron was labeled a bust during his time in Detroit, he has enjoyed a bit of a career revival in Indianapolis with 16 touchdowns over two years. Pairing that with a solid wide receiver corps and the seventh-ranked running game in the league it would be an offense in the upper echelon of the league.


4) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have three first-round picks and are a quarterback and a couple of impact players away from competing. Not only would Brady reunite with former coach Brian Flores, but he would instantly become a leader in a locker room desperate for one. Instead of drafting a quarterback with the fifth pick, the Dolphins could grab a shiny new wide receiver in either Ceedee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy, and then spend their two other first-round picks shoring up positions of need. This would give Josh Rosen an opportunity to learn from one of the games all-time greats, and take his time to develop. 


3.) New England Patriots

The Patriots are, well the Patriots. They’re Brady’s team and have been for the past 19 years. He has won six championships with them, and no matter what the legacy he will leave with them is absolutely unquestioned. However, there have been rumors of rifts between Brady and Belichick, and a fresh start could be exactly what Brady and Belichick need to get back on track. While the Patriots are the most obvious option for Brady to land next season, they are not the best fit on paper.


2.) Tennessee Titans

 The most obvious factor here is head coach Mike Vrabel. He is one of Brady’s best friends and has already proven himself as a coach with the Titans, and is not afraid to make a bold move, like when he benched Marcus Mariota midseason. Brady would get a good rushing attack with Derrick Henry there, and a great defense and good wide receivers, but again the biggest factor is Vrabel, and Brady would fit in well in total with their system.


1.) Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are the best fit for Brady for many reasons. The system is tailored to quarterbacks like Brady, as he and Philip Rivers have a similar quarterbacking style, and they have dynamic weapons too. Hunter Henry, Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, Keenan Allen are all capable of putting up monster numbers. The combination of Ekeler and Gordon will provide a punch that Brady is used to, as the Patriots usually maintain a backfield with a dual-threat and power running back. The Chargers defense, while often banged-up can be great when all 11 players are healthy and on the field. It would be a return to home for Brady, who grew up in San Mateo.


Brady officially announced that he will return for a 21st season on Instagram today, and made it clear he is here to stay. No matter where Brady goes, he is sure to fit in and make his mark, and there is no doubt he will make that team a Super Bowl contender. The looming question will be whether he leaves the Patriots, the franchise he has been the face of for two decades.