PTSO announces the River Rat “thrift shop”


Anna Esper

The Huron PTSO is taking old Huron spirit wear donations that will be sold at registration next Aug.

Anna Esper, Website Editor-In-Chief

Starting May 21, the Huron PTSO put out donation bins for old Huron spirit wear. These bins give students the ability to donate the Huron gear they may not want, and stock a  River Rat “thrift shop” at registration in Aug. 


“A counselor came up when the PTSO was selling spirit wear at an event and we were talking about old [spirit wear] and I thought, I wonder how many people have extra things they don’t use.” said Adriana Rodriguez, one of the coordinators of the Thrift Shop project. 


The donation drive includes all Huron clothing that is not in use, or could be in greater use with someone else. 


The Thrift Shop is a collaboration  with the Huron Green Team to work to make  Huron more sustainable. The proceeds of the shop will be shared among the clubs and PTSO. 


“We really need donations,” said Rodriguez. “If people could just take a few minutes and go through their old stuff and consider if they haven’t worn something in a while but maybe someone else can, that would be great.”


The donation bins are in front of the main office, counselors department, class offices, and book depository through the end of the school year.