Charity Club partners with Huron Food Pantry


Courtesy of Lorelai Sell

Huron’s Charity Club’s food drive runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 18.

Melinda Mei, Staff Writer

Do you want to help the community but don’t have too much time on your hands? Or maybe you don’t know where there are present service activities. Huron Charity Club has got you covered. 

Huron Charity Club- made up of a dedicated group of students- continues to plan projects to serve the community. They recently set up a food drive for the Huron food pantry. 

“We decided to do this food drive for the school because we know the food pantry here at school is in need of certain items, and [we] wanted to help members at Huron,” said junior Lorelai Sell, Charity Club president. 

The food collection at school began on Oct. 31 and runs until Nov. 18. Originally, it was set to run until Nov. 11, but it was extended by a week in hopes of gathering more donations. People can donate by bringing donation foods to school and placing them in the food drive boxes around the school.

“We are collecting snack items and drinks like chips, crackers, popcorn, juice boxes, and Gatorade,” said Sell. 

Not only have they set up boxes around the school to collect donations, Charity Club has taken it a step further to ensure they collect as many donations as possible. They have planned a home pick-up method to collect donations. People can donate by using the QR code on Charity Club posters or using the link in their Instagram (@huroncharityclub) bio for at-home pick-up.

“We really want this to be a successful food drive,” said Sell. 

As Charity Club president, Sell leads weekly after-school meetings on Monday in room 3201. She also sends regular email updates and manages the GroupMe chat to make sure all members are updated on current events. In the club communications, she is stressing the importance of food drive advertising to Charity Club members

We can advocate by talking about it in our classes, families, other clubs, outside-of-school organizations, on social media, and hanging up posters in the community,” Sell said. “If we want to make a change in our community and for the food drive to be a success it has to start with us.”

If you have some snacks or drinks on hand, drop them off in a box at school or request at-home pick up to contribute to this food drive!