Acknowledging sexual victimization: Introducing Huron Sexual Assault and Awareness Club

Ava Nolan and Aleesha Nordin are co-presidents of Huron Sexual Assault and Awareness Club.

Courtesy of Ava Nolan

Ava Nolan and Aleesha Nordin are co-presidents of Huron Sexual Assault and Awareness Club.

Daniel Lee, News Editor

Every year, one in ten high school students are reported to be victims of sexual harrasment. However, more than half of those students tell no one of their experience. While sexual assault is not a topic many people feel comfortable sharing with others, it is important to be informed about how we can protect ourselves and the people around us. This is why Huron Sexual Assault and Awareness Club, SAAC in short, focuses on providing a safe environment for students to freely discuss about how we can prevent and recover from experiences of sexual assu


Huron SAAC opens every other Tuesday at room 4307. The club was founded last year, but recently started to hold meetings regularly. During each meetings, the club opens discussion sessions based on a short film or article that handles the topic of sexual harrassment around our community.


“It happens more often than people like to admit, and anybody can be the victim,” senior Ava Nolan said. “We would like our freinds to be informed about what sexual assault is and how it takes place in our lives as high school students. Our goal is to educate more people on this topic, so that they don’t get into scary situations and understand what is happening.” 


Nolan and senior Aleesha Nordin, co-presidents of SAAC, assured to keep the club active and accessible for any students at Huron. 


“Our plan this year is to open more meetings and provide more opportunities for people to gather,” Nordin said. “We will be opening fundraising events and other fun club bonding activities. While our club learns about sexual assault and how we can better the stigma around, our priority is to provide a safe space for students to be comfortable sharing their stories.”