Huron women’s soccer captures the district championship

Quinn Newhouse, Sports Editor

On June 4, 2022, Huron’s women’s soccer team defeated Skyline 1-0 to capture the SEC district championship. This is Huron’s first women’s soccer SEC championship since 2019, and after a couple of seasons falling just short, the Rats finally take home the SEC title again. 


Junior Aaliyah Diarra has been on the varsity team for two years, missing out on her freshman year due to the shutdown.


“I’m so glad the trophy is back and in good hands!” she said. “It was such a joyous feeling winning it back. Knowing that all of my team and I’s hard work paid off was such an amazing feeling. We practiced hard and devoted so much to each other and the game, so in the end, it was all worth it”.


Diarra also gives credit to the outstanding senior class on the team.


“Being able to complete such a victorious season while playing with my senior teammates for the last time was my ultimate goal, so it was such a satisfying feeling,” Diarra said.


Finally, Diarra sets ambitious goals for next season.


“My hope for next season is to have another strong season with my team and hopefully work towards winning regionals. We have such a talented group of girls and a supportive coaching staff, so I know we are more than capable of doing so!”


The Rats aren’t done, however. They compete for regional dominance on Thursday, June 8.