Sophomore Saturday: John Sun


Courtesy of Sun

John Sun is a Sophomore at Huron High School. Since coming back to school in-person, Sun has noticed the workload has increased. He enjoys his Algebra 2 class.

Lydia Hargett, News Editor

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: “I enjoy playing basketball and Fortnite as well as splatball with the boys.”


Q: After spending a year virtually, what has it been like to finally have a full year in person? 

A: “Honestly being in person is not as fun for me, I really enjoyed doing school in my bed and not having to worry about seeing everybody every day.”


Q: Who helped you the most in getting through this year and why? 

A: “My friends in engineering have helped me a lot throughout the school year. My mom also motivates me and pushes me in school to do my best.”


Q: Describe something about coming back to school in person that has surprised you?

A: “The workload this year has been much higher than when we were online.”


Q: Which of your classes you took this year were your favorite and why?

A: “Algebra 2 because Mr. Collins is funny and I enjoy his class a lot.”


Q: What are your thoughts about personal project? What were some challenges you faced? After the hard work, are you proud of your product? 

A: “I do not like the class at all, it has been really boring and I do not like the way the project was graded.”


Q: If you could change one thing from your freshman self, what would it be? 

A: “I would tell myself to not procrastinate my work and try harder in my classes.”