Senior Sunday: Young Seo Lee

Julie Heng, Editor-in-Chief

Courtesy of Young Seo Lee
A group of students at Interlochen for orchestra camp in the summer.

Q: Favorite high school memory?

A: “Orchestra Night this year! The perfect combination of trash cans, dancing violins(?), $1 NYPD pizza, and the people — the 1812 performance is one that I will never forget.”


Q: Any plans for the future?

A: “Will most likely be in NYC eating good food next year! Hopefully, I’ll be able to finalize my major (yikes) and later on find a job that I find bearab- excuse me, love!”


Q: Advice to your freshman self?

A: “Explore a variety of classes before it’s too late… you might find something you really enjoy!”


Q: One word to describe high school?

A: “Sleep-deprived.”


Q: How are you doing? 

A: “I’m doing alright! Started binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine and trying to study for APs.”