Sophomore Saturday: Vaibhav Ramadoss

Ridhima Kodali, Copy Editor

Q: What clubs/activities are you participating in?

A: “I am currently participating in science bowl, ISA and choir.”


Q: What is your favorite club/activity?

A:”My favorite club is currently ISA because it’s very fun and it helps me take my mind off of school and other things.”

Q: Who is your favorite teacher at Huron and why?

A: “My favorite teacher at Huron is Mr. Milne. He’s very funny and lectures really well.”


Q: Where do you see yourself in three years?

A: “In 3 years I hope to be at a university studying physics or engineering.


Q: What has been a memorable moment for you this past semester?

A: “Some memorable moments have come from the times I have spent with my two close friends in math class. We studied together and became very close.”


Q: What are you looking forward to for the next two years

A: “I am looking forward to gaining more experiences in everything in these next 2 years. I want to use this time to get more exposure to everything before I set out to college.”

Q: What is one goal you want to achieve by the end of high school?

A:“I want to make as many friends as possible and have memorable experiences with them.”


Q: One word to describe your third semester of high school?

A: “Chaos.”


Q: What is your favorite class you are taking, and why?

A: “My favorite class is Principles of engineering because it is a class in which I’m doing something that I love. Engineering has always been something of my interest and l love the things we do in the class.


Q: What classes do you look forward to taking next year?

A: “I look forward to taking DP Physics because I love physics and I can’t wait to learn more.”