Junior Jumpstart Monday: Sophie Rees

Julie Heng, Editor-in-Chief


Q: Where did you go to high school before Huron and how is Huron different from it?


A: “I lived in England before Huron and we don’t have high school there! It’s a mix between year 7-11 which is middle school to sophomore year here! Huron is super different. There’s so much more spirit in schools and everyone is much friendlier. Also, you mix with people in different year groups which is something I’ve never accustomed to before.”



Q: What are your thoughts on how the school year is currently going?


A: “Really well. There are lots of extracurriculars and sports to get invested in.” 



Q: What activities are you involved in?


A: I do mock trial and softball and I did swimming fall season. 



Q: What has been your happiest moment in high school so far?


A: “I don’t know, just making new friends or going to high school games is super fun.”



Q: If you could redo one thing in your life what would it be?


A: “Oh gosh, probably to just stop worrying about everything that’s not perfect and just enjoy my time as it is.”