Freshman Friday: Jerry Yang

Maya Kogulan, Arts and Entertainment editor

Freshman Jerry Yang standing at the Great Wall of China.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between middle school and high school?

A: “The classes are a lot more challenging and I get a lot more homework. I got an essay on the second day of school, so that was definitely different.”


Q: What was your first day of high school like?

A: “I got lost so many times! Huron is huge compared to middle school and I keep just going in circles. It was also an adjustment having classes with upperclassmen.”


Q: What clubs and activities do you participate in?

A: “I do Model U.N., Mock Trial and Youth in Government. Outside of school, I take trumpet and piano lessons.”


Q: What’s your favorite extracurricular?

A: “I would say Mock Trial. It’s been a really amazing experience. It involves a lot of commitment, but it’s worth it. I got to make many new friends and I have learned a lot about the court process and law in general. I definitely recommend it to others.”


Q: Where do you see yourself at the end of senior year?

A: “Hopefully, I will be accepted to Harvard. I want to go into Medicine, so hopefully the classes in high school will prepare me for it.”


Q: Do you have a favorite class?

A: “My favorite class is psychology because I want to be a psychiatrist after I finish college. I find learning about the brain and human behavior is fascinating. I’m also looking forward to the health science class in my senior year.”


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do for fun?

A: “I enjoy listening to music and writing.”