March Madness or March Sadness: COVID-19 in the sporting world

Manit Patel and Vish Gondesi

This list will be updated as information comes out. The most recent version was published on March 13 at 10:17 a.m.

Athletes with Coronavirus

-Daniele Rugani (Serie A; Juventus)

-Rudy Gobert; Patient Zero of the NBA (NBA; Utah Jazz) 

-Emmanuel Mudiay (NBA; Utah Jazz)

-Donovan Mitchell (NBA; Utah Jazz)


Teams advised to Quarantine

-Real Madrid (La Liga)

-Utah Jazz (NBA)

-Detroit Pistons (NBA)

-Boston Celtics (NBA)

-Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA)

-New York Knicks (NBA)

-Toronto Raptors (NBA)


Events Cancelled

-All NCAA conference tournaments

-NBA Season (Suspended) 

-Serie A (Postponed)

-La Liga (Postponed)

-March Madness (Mens and Womens, No fans)

-Ivy League Spring Sports

-Big Ten, SEC (Southeastern Conference), AAC (American Athletic Conference), all cancelled conference tournaments

-March Madness (Cancelled; Updates coming soon about the eligibility of Seniors)

-NHL (Suspended)

-MLB (Beginning of season delayed at least 2 weeks)

-Premier League (Suspended until April 3rd)

-Player’s Championship (Golf) (Cancelled)

-NCAA Spring Championships (Cancelled)

-NFL will proceed with a projected start of the new league year on March 18th at 4 p.m.

ATP Tour (Cancelled for 6 weeks)

-MLS Season Postponed (Major League Soccer, United States based)