After-school activities, but not athletics, cancelled to prevent COVID-19

Julie Heng, Editor-in-Chief

AAPS has been releasing updates, and now they have cancelled many school activities as cases in Michigan have been identified.

All AAPS after-school activities and events – except athletics, Rec & Ed and childcare – will be cancelled through the end of the week.

According to Athletic Director Tony Whiren, practices and tryouts are still on as scheduled, including tonight’s men’s varsity basketball game against Belleville at Eastern Michigan University.

The announcement came from Superintendent Swift just after 10 a.m. Wednesday morning after Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a COVID-19-induced State of Emergency last night. Students and parents with increased illness risk are advised to consider staying home to protect themselves.

As for school closures, no announcements have yet been made. Michigan State University is the latest of many college campuses to suspend in-person classes.

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