The Pulsera Project: Supporting Latin American artists


Sarah Wroblewski

Bracelets are made of fabric, beads, or leather.

Daniel Lee, News Editor

On a mission to support Latin American artists around our community, Huron Latino Student Union is participating in a fundraiser organized by The Pulsera Project. 


The Pulsera Project is a non-profit organization that empowers Central American artists, mostly from Nicaragua and Guatemala, by selling their pulseras, or bracelets, and other crafts to more than 3,000 schools in the United States. 


In addition to direct profits made by Latin American artists, funds collected from these projects are also delivered to other Latin American communities. According to The Pulsera Project website, past projects covered housing, healthcare, academic scholarships, and educational programs in Central American countries. 


“All of the products are hand-made so they are obviously really good quality,” sophomore Rashelle Alexandra Hernández-Callejas said. “There are also a lot of varieties within the designs to choose from.” 


The bracelets are made of either multicolored woven fabric, beads, or leather. Each bracelet comes with a tag of the artist who made the product. 


“They are beautiful,” Spanish teacher Sarah Wroblewski said in an email sent out to the Huron staff. “These bracelets make great gifts.” 


Students and staff can purchase their bracelets and bags during both lunches from Mar. 13 to 24 near the cafeteria. All products are also available at room 4319 during those days. 


Bracelets will be $7 and bags will be $15. All proceeds from the project at Huron will be sent back to artists and Latin American communities. 


For more information regarding the project, please visit their official website: