Why Huron should keep the digital ID policy


Anna Esper

This school year, Huron transferred from physical IDs to virtual IDs

Daniel Lee, News Editor

Anything can be done with a phone. Modern technology allows people to purchase their needs, hold monetary transactions, and allow communications outside of their direct community in a single device we no longer can live without. Following the global trend of digitalization, schools are also transforming a lot of their policies and regulations  in a virtual format. 


Starting from the 2022-2023 school year, Huron has also made several changes within the current policies, one of them being the new digital ID. While this sudden transfer between physical ID cards to a digital idea remains controversial among students at Huron, there are many reasons why the school should keep the digital ID policy. 


The first and most obvious reason why the school applied the digital ID policy is its convenient portability and easy accessibility. Since the student ID is kept as a mobile application or a website in our phone, there is no need to carry around the card or even look for them when students need them. All they have to do is simply open the app within their phone and scan the barcode for their uses. While important, student IDs are not used on a daily basis for most students. Implementing the digital ID policy allows students to access the ID whenever and wherever they need it, which prevents them from forgetting their ID at home and not being able to use it at appropriate occasions. 


Another problem with card IDs has to do with students losing their IDs at home or at school. Even though students are able to order a new one from the class office, they are charged to pay for the ID along with the service fee. With digital ID, there is no chance of losing the ID since it is kept within the student’s account. If a student forgot the login information to access their student ID, they are able to receive their password via email they put in when they created their account. With this procedure, digital ID allows students to secure their ID from other students’ misuses such as lending books at the library or entering a school game using others’ IDs. 


Digitalization in our lives is found prevalent within the current education system. Class materials such as digital textbooks, assignments, and even exams are easily accessible online. With the recent implementation of digital IDs, students at Huron no longer have to dig a hole in their backpacks, looking for a plastic card they lost months ago.