Michael Jordan: The true G.O.A.T of basketball


Satvika Ramanathan

Michael Jordan is a better basketball player than LeBron James.

Rowan Grenier, Staff Writer

It seems like everyone has their own opinion on the famous Lebron James vs Michael Jordan debate.  Is it Lebron?  Is it Jordan?  Two of the best to play the game but you have to pick one.  Jordan is the better player of all time though.  There are many stats that back this up despite many disagreeing with this statement.

According to Sporting news, Jordan averaged more points, more steals, less turnovers, and a higher free throw percentage.  Lebron has many more career stats for things like career points and rebounds but this is all just because Lebron has been in the NBA.  Lebron has already played 19 years in the NBA and is still playing while Jordan capped off at 15 seasons.  This shows that Jordan has accomplished more with the time he was in the league for because the stats are still somewhat close.

According to thesportster.com, Jordan was straight up unreal to watch in the paint and definitely has the edge over Lebron in that sense.  It also states that he is both a better teammate and better leader on and off the court which is really important.  Another thing is that Michael Jordan had better defense and had a much better record in the NBA playoffs and finals.

We need to step up and realize that Michael Jordan is better than Lebron James and that Jordan is the G.O.A.T.