Why Twin Telepathy is Real


Satvika Ramanathan

When people think of twin telepathy, there are a lot of stereotypical images that come to mind.

Satvika Ramanathan, Managing Editor


“Can you read each other’s minds?” That’s one of the first questions I get every time I tell someone that I’m a twin. And my answer is yes… but not exactly.

When people think of twin telepathy, the images that come to mind are the stereotypical always thinking the same things, feeling your twin’s injuries, and having super senses about what exactly is happening with the other. While none of these are true, there is a deeper level that we can understand each other at.

One of the big things is communication through eye contact. While I can look at my friends or anybody else with expressions that display exactly what I’m feeling, with my twin, I can look at her and she’ll know not just what I’m feeling but why I’m feeling that way. 

Another way that we have “telepathy” is that we can understand what the other person is saying, even when others can’t. For example, my sister was trying to explain a dream that she had to my friends and me, and while she was using unnecessary words and extra fluff, I could piece together what she meant, while our friends were left confused. 

Finally, we also have those moments where we’ll do the same thing simultaneously – most commonly with memories and connections. We do respond to people in sync, but we frequently think about things at the same time or relate certain things to each other that others might not. 

Being a twin with a special bond doesn’t come without its challenges, though. Sometimes it can be irritating to have someone around who is constantly analyzing your every move and finding the nitty gritty details of your entire life. It can also be irritating to have someone who you can easily find issues with because you know them so deeply.

However, it does also have its perks. Especially being able to tell someone that you have telepathy. And even though someone may say that these same things apply to their siblings, the real fun of it is just in the name. Regardless of whether it’s actually true or not, there is joy in announcing that you have twin telepathy.