Bill’s Hot Dogs: An Ypsilanti staple since 1939

Kaylee Burton and Chase Young

Bill’s Hot Dogs opened in 1939 and has been bringing in customers ever since, opening Feb. 1 and closing in October every year. It is only a summer treat that locals and others can enjoy. With no menu, their choices are limited but it is worth the trip. They offer hot dogs, chili dogs and loose burgers. They also have amazing homemade root beer. Not only can you get an order of it, you can also order it in a half gallon and gallon which is way more worth it than what they charge. Their root beer is close to AW but has a more unique feel coming from a small hotdog stand. Everything they offer is fairly cheap, being around two dollars for most things you can order, toppings for hotdogs, chili dogs and loose burgers are included in the price so no extra charge for some extra flavor. Open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., everyday — no matter what time you go — the parking lot is typically almost full, but that doesn’t stop them from having quick service with usually a five to ten minute wait to get your food. They don’t let a full lot stop them. The workers don’t write down orders; they memorize them, even sometimes taking several cars at once and never get an order wrong. This is a very popular and loved place to eat for many people and for some it’s like a taste of childhood. This restaurant is a Ypsilanti staple that thousands of people grew up on. With the cheap prices and good taste, it’s no mystery why it’s a favorite spot.