Boruto: The best anime out right now


HiteshHtSharma from Pixabay

According to Awwad, “Boruto” gets better and better into the show.

Suhybe Awwad, Staff Writer

“Boruto” is currently the best anime that’s out right now. It has some of the best characters, stories and also fights. If you’re interested in a show that not only has a lot of storyline but also action, “Boruto” is currently the best option for you. “Boruto” is a spin-off and a sequel to Masashi Kishimoto Naruto, Boruto is the son of Naruto Uzamaki, who is one of the most iconic characters and shows of all time. The OG Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are ranked in the top 3 of Anime of all time so “Boruto” currently being Number one is no surprise. 

However even though “Boruto” is a spin off from Naruto, the show is totally different in many ways. Naruto’s Story was about wanting to become Hokage ( Hokage is like a leader)  and bringing peace to the Ninja world. Boruto has a lot to live up to with a Hokage for a father, but he’s already proven to be better than Naruto in some aspects. Naruto in his story was reference to Konoha’s Number 1 Unpredictable Knucklehead Ninja for 20 Years, now since Boruto started there’s now a new Knucklehead Ninja which is Naruto’s son “Boruto”.

What’s really great about the show is that not only do you see Boruto and his class grow into an amazing generation, but also you get to see the old class in the Naruto generation grow as well. Naruto’s Journey as hokage after he saved the world, Sasuke becoming Boruto’s Teacher, showing Boruto what’s the best path for him to walk on in life.We also get too a guy like Kakashi Journey after his long ninja career. You get to see Both Borutos and Naruto’s generation career continues to grow 

The top things I would say that makes the show Boruto really great is one The Show Has Some Of The Most Incredibly Animated Episodes. The Art is similar to the manga, the hairstyles, textures that give a light up view, the effects as well all are really what makes this show even more special. Like Even the fight style in Boruto has also improved a lot more than in Naruto, it’s almost like the fights are more chaotic and realistic. If I personally had to choose who had the better graphics, Obviously Boruto would win, however the better show would be a whole different story. Another good fact about Boruto is having a great Female Protagonist. Sarada is the successor of Sasuke Uchiha and has the same dream as Naruto himself, thus having tremendous potential.

One thing I don’t like however about Boruto that I believe is a Major problem is That Show Made Naruto & Sasuke Weak For The Sake Of The Plot. Now I know the show isn’t about Naruto & Sasuke anymore, however nerfing the original main characters of the show just for the sake of the New Generation, isn’t right for the show. 

However other than that “Boruto” is a really great show right now and I honestly recommend everyone to check it out right now. The beginning of the show might not be good at the start but right now “Boruto” is getting better and better. If I had to rate “Boruto” from the scale to 1-10 I would give it a 8/10. The reason I’m not giving a 10/10 is because the show is still going, I don’t think it’s fair to give a 10/10 for a show that isn’t over yet. “Boruto” is a really good show, probably the best anime out right now, if you love naruto then you should check out “Boruto” on Crunchyroll.