Huron’s robotics team goes to competition


Courtesy of Rat Pack 830

Rat Pack 830 is Huron’s robotics team.

Lydia Hargett, News Editor

Last weekend, Huron’s robotics team, RatPack830, competed in a competition at Milford High School. The team made it to the semi finals, but ultimately lost in a tiebreaker match. 

“We went into the competition nervous about how we would perform but we ended up surpassing all of our expectations,” senior Eli Wiegman said. “We are all very excited for our upcoming competition in two weeks at Belleville High School.”

In the competition, each team builds a robot and competes in a three on three match against other teams. Based on how each team performs, they are ranked and then are allowed to choose teams to partner with for the playoff matches. The robots shoot balls into a hoop and when it goes in they recieve points, increasing their chances of a higher ranking. 

“Our team was almost entirely student run,” Wiegman said. “We had to come up with the costs for materials ourselves and research on our own and were up against teams who had more funding and mentor involvement, so we are quite pleased with our result.”