Huron Charity Club: Helping The Community as High Schoolers


Courtesy of Lydia Hargett

Lydia Hargett and Lorelai Sell loading up the donations received for Charity Club’s food drive to bring to Food Gatherers.

Anna Esper, Assistant Website Editor

Knowing what is going on behind closed doors is hard. Your neighbor two doors down could be struggling. The family in your community with eight dogs might need help. This is why giving back to the community is so important. 

Huron Charity Club is a club run in classroom 3201 by English teacher Kris Zager and co-presidents and seniors Kathryn Hemmila and Lydia Hargett. Huron Charity club is a club that focuses on giving back and helping the community. It helps the people in the community get the needs and resources that they need. For example, this club creates drives that will donate to local charities to help our community. They meet every other Monday. 

Huron Charity Club is an amazing way to help give back and help the community. Something amazing about this club is that it is run by students from Huron High School. 

So far, during the club meetings, they have started to create the leadership board and connect as a club. They will be donating to the community but they have also focused on building their community. The community of the club. 

This year has been different than last year for everyone. With returning in-person, there have been a lot of changes and re-learning. Remembering what it is like to go to school in-person and connect with others. There have been many scary and difficult things to overcome but this club has gotten a larger turn out. 

With being back in-person, this club has gotten a larger turn out. More new members have joined and are engaged. There has been more engagement throughout the whole club. The leadership board has done a great job of listening to everyone’s ideas. They have been brainstorming ideas for different projects for this year. They have also been listening to everyone’s service project ideas. They also put the ideas up for a vote to include everyone in the club. 

Their first event they are aiming to do is the Food Gatherers drive. Food Gatherers is a food and rescue bank that focuses on serving Washtenaw County. They distribute food to community members in need. 

The next meeting will be held on March . 

Next time you are thinking about your neighbors, think about what it might be like for them. Any small amount of help is important. You can be any age and help by donating to organizations around you. The first step is deciding to help. So take that first step.