Green House sells snacks and spirit wear to help fund school field trips


Samantha Goldstein

The Huron Green House is a student-run shop that sells snacks and spirit wear. It is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during early and late lunch in room 2205.

Trey Green, Staff Writer

On the second floor in the 2200 hallway, the smell of fresh baked cookies and pretzels fill the stairwell. The Green House is a student-run store in the marketing program at Huron, where they sell snacks and school spirit wear. It has always been a place students could go to during lunch, if they did not want to be in the cafeteria. 

Marketing teacher Scott Hunter leads the Green House, and after starting up again, following 18 months of being closed, there have been some hiccups in getting the Green House back up and running.

“Well, the biggest problem has been it’s almost like we’re starting from the first year, because we have very few students who have experience working in the Green House,”  Hunter said. “So we’ve had, fortunately, a few seniors who are familiar with it as customers, and they are now helping as managers and staff. They have done a really good job learning as we go, and they’ve had some great ideas.”

Along with the lack of experience, there have also been issues with their suppliers.

  “The company we worked with previously was bought out by another company,” Hunter said. “We’re in the works right now to get a purchase order approved so we can purchase new software for our point of sale system. This will help us have accurate sales records to keep track of all of our data such as what products are selling well and which products aren’t, so we can make better decisions in that regard.” 

The Green House makes a profit on the goods it sells.

“We put the money back into the store to help update old systems or make the store look better with digital menu boards, coolers, freezers and more,” Hunter said. “And we have two scholarships. We got my senior managers $500 a piece to help with books for college. And before we shut down in 2019, we donated $7,000 to the general school fund to help pay for field trips for all classes. So, most of the money goes back to the school to help fund field trips.”

Additionally, there will be new apparel coming to the Green House in the next month.

“We’re looking at things like sweatshirts, sweatpants, three-quarter zip ups and t-shirts, as well,” Hunter said. 

The Green House is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday during early and late lunch.