Huron welcomes math teacher Eric Geiger


Geiger previously worked in Redford Charter Township, and is now coming to Ann Arbor.

Ridhima Kodali, Opinion Editor

After multiple teachers and substitutes in Huron’s math department, Eric Geiger was hired a few weeks ago and will be teaching four classes of geometry, and one class of precalculus at Huron.
Geiger worked for Redford Union High School for seven years. He taught geometry and precalculus, and then he decided to come to Ann Arbor because he thought it was a good change.
“I felt like I was stagnating as a teacher, so I think this is going to give me more opportunity to grow,” Geiger said. “All the kids have been super welcoming, even though they’ve gone through a couple of teachers and substitutes, and all the teachers and staff have been super helpful. It’s kind of nice to be welcomed to the district.”
Geiger went to Franklin High School in Livonia, and later attended Central Michigan University. He also did his student teaching in Plymouth Canton, and obtained a master’s in pure math from Eastern Michigan University.
“I had no idea what I wanted to do until the senior year of high school, when I had AP Calculus, and AP physics,” Geiger said. “Those two teachers seemed like they had a blast in class, they’re really good at what they did, they had fun with the kids, and I was like I think I could do that.”
Many people think the idea to adapt, change, and try something new is a bad thing, especially in the “education system,” however, Geiger thinks otherwise.
“Education has been a thing that teachers, parents and everyone have been saying for a long time that we need to make a change, and teach stuff in a different way, or kind of re-evaluate what we’re teaching and I think that we kind of just get complacent,” Geiger said.