Freshman Friday: Camila Amin Aguirre


Courtesy of Amin Aguirre

Amin Aguirre posing for the camera.

Jules Heskia, Staff Writer

Q: Where are you from?

A: “I’m from Venezuela.”


Q: What grade are you in?

A: “I am in 9th grade.”


Q: How has your experience at Huron been so far?

A: “It’s been great. I have great friends and I’ve enjoyed the event that has been held here.”


Q: What sports or extracurricular activities do you do at Huron?

A: “Unfortunately, I do not participate in sports.”


Q: What are your academic goals?

A: “My academic goals are to be able to walk across the graduate stage in the year of 2026 and leave Huron with good memories and the lessons I was taught for success.” 


Q: What has your favorite thing at Huron been so far?

A: “My favorite thing at Huron would be the Green House.”

Q: What has your least favorite thing at Huron been so far?

A: “So far I like everything about Huron.”