Sophomore Saturday: Olli Dey


Courtesy of Dey.

Dey posing at The Albert in downtown Chicago.

Maya Fu

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what hobbies/sports you do.

A: I’m 15 and a sophomore. I have a yellow lab and an older brother. My mom is a teacher in Ann Arbor and my dad is an engineer. I like to play basketball and exercise outside of school.


Q: After spending a year virtually, what has it been like to finally have a full year in person? 

A: It feels great because I get to finally connect with my friends in person again. It made me realize how much we take in person school for granted. I feel like I learned a lot more just because I was in a classroom instead of at home.


Q: Who helped you the most in getting through this year and why? 

A: My family helped me through a lot during the year with helping me in school work and being patient with my sports schedules. 


Q: Describe something about coming back to school in person that has surprised you?

A: I found out that I learn a lot better in person then an online class or zoom.


Q: Which of your classes you took this year were your favorite and why?

A: So far my favorite class is AC physics because my class is like one big family. We all have a good time during class and still get work done.


Q: What are your thoughts about personal project? What were some challenges you faced? After the hard work, are you proud of your product? 

A: It’s definitely a difficult class considering how time consuming it can be. Throughout the process I procrastinated which in the long run made things worse for me. Overall my product was what I wanted it to be and I’m satisfied how it turned out.


Q: If you could change one thing from your freshman self, what would it be? 

A: To be more confident in myself.