The Emery wins over 60 MIPA Awards


Sara-Beth Badalamente

In total, The Emery won 14 first place awards, nine second place awards, 15 third place awards and 24 honorable mentions.

Lydia Hargett, News Editor

This past week, the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association released results for the 2022 spring awards season. The Emery won over 60 awards in various categories for pieces from the online and in-print publications. The top recipients were Ridhima Kodali (14 awards), Vish Gondesi (12 awards) and Allison Mi  (10 awards).  Along with individual awards, the in-print publication was awarded a Spartan Award, which is the highest award a publication can receive. The online website was awarded a Gold ranking, which puts it at the top of the state for websites. Two members of The Emery staff were also recognized on MIPA’s Journalism staff: Lydia Hargett for News Writing and Vishwas Gondesi for Digital Media.


See awards below by category. Note: HM denotes an Honorable Mention. 


  • Kelly Park (1st Place)
  • Virginia He (2nd Place)

Advertising Layout 

  • Annabelle Ye (2nd Place)

Follow-Up News Coverage

  • Ridhima Kodali (1st Place)
  • Ridhima Kodali (HM)

Informational Graphic

  • Virginia He (1st Place)
  • Annabelle Ye (3rd Place)

Front Page – Newspaper Style

  • Vish Gondesi (1st Place)
  • Allison Mi and Ridhima Kodali (HM)

Editorial Opinion Page or Spread 

  • Vish Gondesi (2nd Place)
  • Allison Mi (HM)

Feature Page or Spread 

  • Allison Mi and Annabelle Ye (1st Place)
  • Annabelle Ye (HM)

Sports Page or Spread

  • Vish Gondesi and Anita Gaenko (1st Place)
  • Annabelle Ye and Allison Mi (HM)

News Page or Spread

  • Vish Gondesi (3rd Place)

Entertainment Page or Spread

  • Annabelle Ye and Allison Mi (3rd Place)
  • Annabelle Ye (HM)

Breaking News Coverage

  • Ridhima Kodali (HM) 

News Story 

  • Ridhima Kodali (3rd Place)

News Brief 

  • Anita Gaenko and Lydia Hargett (1st Place)
  • Amy Xiu (3rd Place)

News Analysis 

  • Jaden Boster (HM)
  • Mishal Charania (HM) 

Staff Editorial 

  • Ridhima Kodali, Vish Gondesi and Allison Mi (3rd Place)
  • Anita Gaenko (HM)

Bylined Opinion Article 

  • Samantha Goldstein (3rd Place) 

Feature Columnist

  • Ridhima Kodali (1st Place)
  • Eric Heng (HM)

Pro-Con Opinion Columns 

  • Quinn Newhouse and Tarik Fermin (3rd Place) 

In-Depth Feature

  • Vish Gondesi, Julie Park and Verena Wu (2nd Place)
  • Ridhima Kodali and Lydia Hargett (HM)

Informative Feature

  • Jaden Boster (1st Place) 
  • Vish Gondesi (HM) 

Human Interest Feature

  • Allison Mi (3rd Place) 

Personal Narrative 

  • Lydia Hargett (HM) 

Diversity Coverage 

  • Ridhima Kodali (2nd Place)
  • Allison Mi (HM)

Environmental, Health or Science

  • Allison Mi (3rd Place)
  • Anita Gaenko (HM)

Alternative Story Form

  • Allison Mi (2nd Place) 
  • Annabelle Ye (HM)

Sports Feature Story

  • Quinn Newhouse (3rd Place)
  • Vish Gondesi (HM)

Sports News Story 

  • Jaden Boster, Leela Raghavendran and Annabelle Ye (HM)

Sports Action Photo

  • Jackson Pollard (2nd Place) 

Sports Feature Photo

  • Sandra Fu (HM)

News-Feature Photograph

  • Ridhima Kodali (3rd Place) 

Environmental Portrait

  • Sandra Fu (1st Place)
  • Ridhima Kodali (3rd Place)

Photo Story 

  • Sandra Fu (3rd Place)
  • Sandra Fu (HM)

Breaking News Social Media Coverage 

  • Sandra Fu, Vish Gondesi and Ridhima Kodali (1st Place)
  • Vish Gondesi and Ridhima Kodali (3rd Place)

News or Feature Social Media Coverage 

  • Vish Gondesi (HM) 
  • Lydia Hargett and Anita Gaenko (HM)

Personality Profile Social Media Coverage 

  • Sandra Fu and Anjali Senthooran (1st Place)

Sports News Social Media Coverage 

  • Jackson Pollard, Quinn Newhouse, Zain Chararnia and Vish Gondesi (1st Place)

Social Media Video 

  • Mya Georgiadis, Aleila Chun-Elliott and Leela Raghavendran (2nd Place)

Audio Interview

  • Maya Fu and Zachary Xu (1st Place) 
  • Eilene Koo and Meera Ramaswami (2nd Place)


  • Quinn Newhouse, Jackson Pollard and Tarik Fermin (HM)