With the season closing, talk of the NBA Draft is just beginning


Shari L. Gross/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS

With the NBA season coming to an end, the NBA draft is looking to be “stacked up.” In the photo, Chet Holmgren is heading to Gonzaga.

Suhybe Awwad, Staff Writer

Currently The NBA season is almost coming to end, with a week before the NBA Playoffs which means we are close to the NBA Finals, Which also means we’re close to the NBA Draft. The 2022 NBA draft class seems pretty stacked up with a whole bunch of future NBA All-Stars, especially the top 4 Picks. Each Player in the top 4, all have a great case to why they should go First Overall Pick. Duke’s Paolo Banchero, Auburn’s Jabari Smith, Gonzaga Chet Holmgren, and even Purdues  Jaden Ivey all are legit Talents. 


Jabari Smith, PF, Auburn – Jabari Smith seems to be the clear cut first overall pick. He is a 6’10 Stretch, he can shoot over defenders because of his Long Arms. Because of this, it allows smith to be very effective from the 3Pt line at different levels. Smith’s Pull up Jumper is one of the key highlights from him, from behind and inside the arc. Smith has the length and size to elevate above most defenders and knock down jumpers whenever he gets to his spot.  Smith’s defense has been a bit underrated this season, as he is averaging over a block and a steal per game and has the size to be a plus defender at several positions.


Chet Holmgren, C, Gonzaga – Chet Holmgren is another guy who seems to be one of the best choices for any team to pick as their first pick.The key thing that stands out about Chet is his Size.  He’s a 7’1 Big man, he has good size and length with a wingspan of 7’3.5. He is also the best rim protector in the draft, he runs the floor, handles the ball, shoots 43% from 3-point range and has an insane true shooting percentage of 71.3%, which a lot of teams need such as the Pistons, Rockets, & Magic. 


Paolo Banchero, Duke PF- One of the most NBA ready draft prospects, Banchero is also a guy who should be considered #1 overall. He’s a 6’10 forward, good length with a 7’0.5 wingspan, Good strength and a good physical profile. His mobility is another thing to talk about, elevates well at the rim with good timing and body control that translates well in games. good form, shot mechanics, and face-up game. 


Jaden Ivey, SG, Purdue- Now Jaden Ivey from Purdue is one of my favorites in this draft class, he’s honestly one of the best players to watch, he’s almost a clone of All Star Ja Morant. An aggressive explosive, 6’4 200 lb combo guard with solid length, Ivey also has a strong frame that should allow him to match up well on the perimeter. Ivey is a premier athlete in the 2022 draft class who runs the floor exceptionally well given his outstanding burst and speed, and has the explosive leaping ability off of one or two feet to play above the rim with ease. He’s a lot like Ja Morant in how explosive he plays. 


There’s other great players too in this draft class who I didn’t mention but have amazing talents. Such as Duke’s AJ Griffin, Iowa’s Keegan Murray, Kentucky’s Shaedon Sharpe.  This year’s draft is very loaded.