The Powers of the Huron Auto Program


Senior Nicholas Finnamore works on the underside of a car.

Carson Hawkins, Staff Writer

The auto program at Huron is a large part of the school and its history. The Auto tech program can offer many great opportunities for students. The program is a great learning experience for both kids that just want to know how to maintain their vehicle, and kids that are really passionate about automotives and would like to make a career in the industry. As a part of Huron’s auto program, students go on field trips regularly to various places like Autorama, Washtenaw Community College, Skills USA, and the Milan Dragway. These trips are not only fun for the kids, but are also a great learning experience and offer many opportunities for inspiration and academic scholarships.

The auto program is led by headteacher Vincent Snyder and assistant teacher Tom Schmidt. Snyder has been a teacher at Huron for six years now, and Schmidt for five. Both have left long-lasting positive impressions on students. 

“Snyder and Schmidt were some of my favorite teachers at Huron,” a 2021 graduate and three-years auto student Colin Defilippo said. “I liked them both a lot. I learned so much in my time there and have so many good memories with all of the friends I’ve made through there.” 

Defilippo is now enrolled in the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC. His ultimate goal is to be a pit chief for a NASCAR racing team. Defilippo thinks the auto program helped him at all in terms of setting himself up for success.

“One hundred percent, I learned so much in my time there and have so many good memories with all of the friends I’ve made through there,” Defilippo said.

Nicholas Finamore, a senior at Huron, really enjoys his time in the auto program as well. He fully supports the program and its future here at Huron High School. Finamore is currently in his second year in the auto program. He says the program has helped him a lot and Mr. Snyder is a really friendly guy. He recalls a point in time when Snyder helped him fix his truck and save himself a lot of money. 

“It’s a great learning experience,” Finamore said. “I think more kids should be enrolled in it. There are many life skills I’ve learned and I really think many others could benefit in the same ways as I have.” Finamore said.

Overall the auto program at Huron is a great tool for students to use. It’s helped so many students in the past and present. It’s also a great opportunity to meet and bond with other people.