Marvel’s “Eternals” left me surprised and ready to watch more


Sophie Mutevelian/Marvel Studios/TNS

From left, Richard Madden and Gemma Chan in the film “Eternals.”

Anna Esper, Staff Writer

My whole family loves Marvel, especially my brother.  You can say I live in a Marvel household. I have gone to see Marvel movies in the theater with my family for years. I have seen every Marvel movie multiple times. So, when I walked in to see “Eternals” at Rave Cinema in Ypsilanti I was prepared for just another Marvel movie. But then, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film. After the final credits, I walked out of the theater surprised. 


“Eternals” follows a group of superheroes called The Eternals that are sent to Earth to save humans from monsters called Deviants. This superhero group is constructed of ten members who all have different powers. For example, Sersi, who is played by Gemma Chan, can turn matter into different forms like water into wood. Something that all the heroes share is that they do not age.  In the movie, there are multiple flashbacks between present day and the past. These flashbacks help show the groups character development and battles. This added a stronger connection to the characters. The movie follows these heroes through battle but also as they struggle with their identity, love, friendship, and what it’s like to be a family. 


“Eternals” holds many “firsts” for Marvel. Director Chloé Zhao is Marvel’s first woman of color director. To add, Zhao also introduces many “firsts” for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). “Eternals” has a lot of inclusion in the movie’s cast. Four of the Eternals are white, two are black, three are Asian- one being Marvel’s first Female Asian American protagonist, and one is Latina. Additionally, “Eternals” made history by having the first openly gay relationship and first deaf superhero. Phastos played by Brian Thyree Henry is Marvel’s plays one of Marvel’s first gay superheroes. In the movie, he has a family consisting of his husband and son. Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, is Marvel’s first deaf superhero. Ridloff is also the first deaf actor/actress to appear in a Marvel movie. 


While watching “Eternals” many other things than just the story. The action or fight scenes made the movie come to life. The special effects that were used looked real. The fight scenes also gave the heroes good screen time. The scenes showed each of the characters’ powers in a way that added to the story. Additionally, the costumes also brought the movie to life. You could tell the detail that was put into them. Each character’s costume fits the character’s personality and not just the actors and actresses. The costume changes improved added to the battle scenes as well.    


Overall, “Eternals” was action packed with a solid plot. I would recommend it to anyone. “Eternals” helps you connect to the characters. Not only does the cast’s performance add to the movie, but the effects and costumes add to the experience. Towards the end of the movie, there were plot twists that I did not expect. Especially during the post credit scene. There were new characters and additional information that set up the next movie. The end of the movie helped me build a connection to the characters especially because they were new. I left wondering what would come next. I now want to see what happens next with these characters. 


“Eternals” is definitely worth your time. Even if you are not a huge fan, you should definitely take time to watch.  With the characters being new, the performance of the actors had me connecting with them. I liked how each character struggled with real life things as well as the problems in the movie. I will suggest this movie to anyone because even if you are not a huge fan, it is easy to understand. Next time you are going to the movies, “Eternals” is a great movie to check out. Even though the characters are new, you won’t be disappointed.