No classes on Nov. 1


Vish Gondesi

At 2:37 pm, superintendent Jeanice Swift announced school cancellation on Nov. 1.

Ridhima L. Kodali, Managing Editor

Today at 2:37 p.m. Superintendent Jeanice Swift announced in an email communication that there is no school on Monday, Nov. 1 for all Ann Arbor Public School students and staff. 

“I understand that this adjustment in schedule comes with short notice of only a few days,” Swift wrote. “I apologize for any distress this decision may cause for our families. We are making progress, despite the challenges we face. We will continue to work hard, and we will move through this challenging time to see better days ahead.” 

In accordance with Swift, with the Halloween weekend and no school on Election day, attendance is traditionally lower. 

“We understand this situation will be exacerbated during this COVID time,” Swift writes. “Full staffing of operations for that day will present a significant challenge. We continue to be concerned and focused on supporting our school and district teams that are stretched thin, addressing daily staffing challenges across all job categories in the organization, as well as shoring up all components of system operations.”

As a proactive measure, Monday will be observed as a “no classes” day for AAPS.

“We are determined,” the email reads. “We will continue to work hard, and together we will move through this challenging time. We are stronger when we work together. This schedule adjustment for next Monday will provide a solid next step in the process. I appreciate your understanding, patience and support as we navigate the challenges of this fall together.”